Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Foot In The Grave, The Other On A Banana Peel

Well Easter is fast approaching and earlier this year! Many people have their own perceptions of this holiday. There's the Christian view and there's the one of the happy little bunny hoppin' around hiding eggs for kids. Well...my view's a little different. When I think of Easter, I think of my mom falling out of a tree, and stumbling across our yard. I know this sounds really macabre, but bear with me here.

When I was in high school one year, my mom was out front of our house hanging Easter eggs in the trees. As I was casually walking into the kitchen I glanced out the window, I saw my mom stumbling across the yard and falling over on her side. Panicking, not knowing exactly what happened I ran outside and screamed "Are you ok?!". At this point she was getting up laughing explaining she was on the step stool hanging the eggs, when she lost her footing, fell off, and stumbled across the yard on her ass. Well at this point I'm on the ground laughing my ass off at what just happened. I'll forever have that image in my head of the dance I saw her doing before she fell over. She tells it as I came outside laughing, being completely insensitive to what happened, then asking if she was ok. This is so far off from the truth!

So this is my Easter card for her this year. Having an embarrassing moment alone like this is one thing, but having a witness, like me, to remind you about it the rest of your life is another. Happy Easter Everyone!

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