Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Chuck Cranston Doesn't Own Me"

If you don't know what I'm referring to from the title of this post, I may have to delete you off my list of friends. I had to do an ode to one of my favorite movies of all time, Footloose! Not exactly sure what it is about the show, but I love it. Actually to the degree where I can perform a majority of the dances in it at will, which is a good thing to know at parties.

Really when I sit back and think about it, the majority of my favorite movies are from the 80's. Maybe it was because I was at the peak of my movie watching ability then. True, it was the era of horrible blue screen effects, but hey I could still see that now a days, all I have to do is turn on the Sci-fi Channel. Also, they could break down movies to an hour and a half, not all this 21/2-3 hour Lord of the Rings crap. I definitely watched the show a lot though, and like much of 80's television and film, it just got ingrained in my mind. I think it's also the case with the movie Dirty Dancing. I may be one of the few straight guys who actually likes that movie. I suppose the therapist thing to do is to go back in the history of your family and find the problem. Well I can already tell you I blame my sister! Ha, kidding, but this is dedicated to her for us watching this and Dirty Dancing all those times she babysat for me.

I'm also including some of the sketch studies I did for Ren, which again if you don't know who this is, we're done!


pascal said...

That's pretty funny actually.
I never saw Dirty dancing, but I did see footloose , and I have to say that, at the time, I loved those songs, especially that them song.
They had a thing about that movie on Tv not too long ago because Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City is in there, with a super minor role.

Good job on Kevin Bacon!

james said...

I was googling "Chuck Cranston" to make sure I spelled it right for a post and found your kick-ass photo.

I love Footloose, and even saw the dinner theater production. (Yes the drinks made it more fun.)

I love John Lithgow and the whole premise of "dancing" (such a non-issue now.) being the centerpoint of this great 80s film!