Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dorothy Goes To O.Z.

Well, by Dorothy I mean me and by O.Z. I mean the Oakland Zoo. So finally after a bit of a hiatus I'm back to my zoo visits, which happens to be my favorite place to draw. Animals or People, it's all there. Majority of the time I'm drawing the animals, and I find that often people don't even take notice and step right in front of me for a better view. I don't make a fuss, I just step back and draw them. If they do make me upset it'll just reflect in my drawing of them, heehee.

Set up in the Oakland hills, it's a very nice zoo, and the weather was awesome too. Of course the more sun exposure for me the better (I'm surprised the zoo staff didn't try to dart me, thinking I was the escaped albino ManChimp). I hope to visit there again soon. I actually have a membership to the SF Zoo, but not Oakland. I'm really tempted after this last visit to get a membership there instead. It's cheaper, and in my opinion a nicer zoo.

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Disco Vear said...

Absolutely amazing Mr. B. Keep up the good work!