Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH S*#T!

Back at the Zoo again, this time in San Francisco. I've been going there since college and have seen many things change there over time. After the recent "occurrence", I came prepared with my nunchucks in one hand and a butterfly net in the other (in case I need to help capture any escaped animals). New fences equipped with barbed wire and thick glass now border the big cat pens. The crowds seem to be the same as always (surprisingly), and in fact maybe even larger than before. As always the cats don't even seem to notice the people, but obviously this isn't the case.

I started the morning off with some quick gestures of the lemurs, then moved onto the flamingos, the toucan, and finally after some walking to the penguins. Again some people got in my way, so I just drew them. It ended up being an aviary-themed day.

After this I "booked" down to the SF "Urine-Soaked" Public Library, to continue Aaron's pursuit of knowledge. It just seems like such a dichotomy down in that area of the city, where while scanning over Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra you're twitching your nose thinking, "Wow, did someone just die in here" For those who don't know, this area of SF is called Civic Center where the main SF government buildings are. It also seems to be the meeting grounds for many of the city's finest homeless folks. Now don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to them, but you know...

Though there's boatloads of thoughts going through my head lately I will not bring them up here because, hey, it's about the art people!

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Eric Orchard said...

These are great! You captured them so well. I wish I had access to such a great resource.