Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you Serious?

I think a lot of people who know me may wonder if I'm ever serious. Well...I can be. My art tends to change according to my mood. I'm not trying to go schizo on people as far as my style goes (I've been told this many times by the way regarding my art). I really do prefer the happier more up beat, cartoonish style, but I feel art is about communication of thoughts/feelings and I don't want to deny what I'm feeling. So obviously my mood is a bit darker lately. This came out of a commercial I saw for Cinderella this past weekend, and concept art tutorial I watched (hey, learn and apply right?). I was thinking of Cinderella's evil step mother and just wanted to throw my own modern, I guess even futuristic spin on her. Also I've been watching more horror movies lately, which sets a tone of course.

Regardless of the style fluctuation, this blog is about learning by doing. There's nothing concrete here, it's all about experimentation and discovery. But never fret, the cartoons will return soon. ;)


Disco Vear said...

I've seen you do serious stuff but not like this! I thought I was at the wrong blog for a second! I'm the same way though, my art totally reflects my mood. I hope your mood improves soon, for your sake at least... the art it produces is pretty cool!

akt said...

lol i agree with disco vear! i was like "OOPS, hopped onto the wrong blog!"

love it!