Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Photo

I watched a documentary on the Great Pyramids of Egypt this weekend, and apparently it inspired some thoughts. Thinking of all the tourists that visit there now, and all the camels that are still roaming around working there humps off (Maybe this was what the Black Eyed Peas were singing about). It just seemed like camels have to take a break sometime too. Maybe though if they're on vacation they wouldn't want to visit their own country? Maybe they just would wanna get out of Dodge and seek a polar climate like Alaska or Norway? Damn, now I have to draw this all over again...ok, maybe not.

The pyramids are a true wonder of the world though. I think a lot is taken for granted with them, that they're just blown off as some temple a bunch of slaves in loin clothes built by lugging large blocks of stone up ramps erecting this monument. Apparently evidence of weathering can be found on each structure that can only be done by water. This would suggest the pyramids existed long before Egyptian time. Hieroglyphics tell nearly everything that Egyptians did during their time from plowing, worship, rituals, mummification, but nothing is mentioned as to how these enormous structures were built. So who built them then? Well this is where Fox Mulder steps in and starts lecturing on little green men from other planets making there mark on this one. They do have astrological associations as they align perfectly with specific stars in the heavens, and the diameter of the great pyramid is 365.25 which the exact length of one of our years. Pyramids also exist similar to these on Mars. Though obviously this could simply say that what civilization built them had an intense and extremely advanced knowledge of astronomy, but maybe it means something more. Many suggest that the accuracy as to which they were built could not even be done with present day technology. Hmmmmmmmmmm. "I want to believe."

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