Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Memories Of More Innocent Times (?)

A quickie for the theme of "memories. I'll try to be as brief as possible with this. When I first saw my little cat Tuna at the local animal shelter she was with all 9 of her brothers and sisters. At the time they were all nine week old kittens. She was the MOST laid back of all of them, which I liked. All the rest were jumping on, clawing, and biting everything, including me. I saw her just sitting there and even when I picked her up, she just sat there and looked around calmly. Again I liked this, so I picked her.
With the purchase of her came a free vet check up and first round of shots. When we brought her into the vet, they took her temperature and right away the doctor said "Oh, she's sick, she's got a high temp." I was a little worried, but they said no problem, and prescribed some medicine to give her for the next week. Well, I'm really curious what was in those pills, which to this day I'm still convinced was crack or speed, because as soon as we started giving that to her she turned into a nightmare. Basically she turned into the opposite of what I liked about her...her brothers and sisters. All day, running around like a maniac, tearing things up, knocking everything over. If only I knew the terror I had brought home that day...


damon said...


cat in box

love it

Maldito Columpio said...

Nice draw, scary story.
we have a dog and something similar happened to us.
Her name is Vodka, and she almost die and now is the crazyest dog I ever seen.