Monday, May 12, 2008

Where the Umbrella Thorn Acacias live

Doing research for this Cheetah project my curiosity keeps growing. As I'm finding images of Africa to reference for the Cheetah's home, I keep seeing these distinctive African trees and wanting to know their name. We'll here we are, The Umbrella Thorn Acacia. The name makes sense doesn't it? Apparently there are over 700 species of this tree in Africa, and it's made for life on the savanna. It survives 122 degree days, freezing nights, and areas where rainfall is as little 4cm a year! That's no Wisconsin tree I'll tell you that!
Again, I'm really trying to be quicker and quicker in these studies. This one took 45 minutes. I'm timing myself each time, and intend to decrease the length eventually.

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