Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Birds

A few quick sketches I did at the zoo recently. Turkeys again. I liked drawing them so much last time, I thought I'd go back and do it again. This was on another one of our scorching days out here. I think I really burned my neck from the sun. Now I'm literally a red neck.
While walking back from the turkey area though I was attacked by a bird. I was just walking by this group of trees and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of my head followed by the flapping of wings. Just as I turned a little black bird was flying away from me (inches from my head). At first I thought it may have just misjudged it's distance and flew into me, but after repeated attacks I realized this was no accident. It must have been a mother with a nest near by. I can see the headline now 'Pasty midwestern artist pecked to death by 4 inch bird at SF zoo'. I guess I'm just not one with the universe yet....sigh.

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Biocreep said...

Awesome, Aaron! I like thee sketches a lot. The story about the bird is pretty funny too.