Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A.O.T.D. (Animal of the Day) Parrot

Well I'm not going to spew any animal facts today, because this piece is more about relationships and importance of having a rock or rocks in your life that you can turn to and rely on. I think it's absolutely key to have and actually I'm sure most people have them in their lives whether it be a friend, family member, significant other, or a pet. I actually have many in my life, the most significant being my family and my fiancee. There's times you may be down, sad, stressed or scared and you can rely on them to help guide you through these tough periods.

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Sr do Vale said...

Apesar desse ser um símbolo pra você, que representa a amizade, aqui pra nós brasileiros, é um símbolo bem marcante das florestas tropicais.

um grande abraço.