Sunday, October 26, 2008


I created this for my fiance Sarah. This is her brother Raymond who passed away in July at a relatively young age. I suppose this could be posted on for "Repair" because death is something that obviously cannot be repaired. Certain emotions and feelings relating to the death of a loved one can never be repaired, but in general time seems to heal, and a certain degree of closure and acceptance comes to fruition. Sarah was very close to him and he in turn loved her very much. He lived a very adventurous life traveling the world and living in such locations as Miami, San Francisco, New York, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. She and I both admired him being able to move about so freely seeing what life has to offer. We'll miss him and look forward to seeing him again ;)

On the aesthetic side, I know this is a little different from the style generally seen from me here, but again this blog for me is about exploring and experimenting. I created this in Photoshop as a speed painting in about two hours, which may not necessarily classify it as a speed painting, but ya know. I've never been good at painting in Photoshop so I figure it's now or never! I'll be back to more cartoons next week ;)