Friday, June 13, 2008

Test Run

Here's an early test for the Cheetah run cycle in Flash. I just want to start exploring body movement and gesture with it. Weight of course will be very important to capture as well. I've watched a LOT of footage thus far on cheetahs (with I'm sure more to come to aid me in this process). After I get all this down, along with more sketches and paintings, will be the tough part...Maya! I'm still very novice with the program and will be watching MANY tutorials, so I hope it will all pay off in the end. Either way, I'm lovin' this and having fun!
Side note: I saw Kung Fu Panda today, and loved it! The design of film from the backgrounds to the characters was beautiful and so colorful. I know that one of the people who designed the characters was artist Nicolas Marlet, who has also done work with Pixar, and someone who I greatly admire. The story was great, good message, and very inspirational, both aesthetically and in general. Thanks Dreamworks!

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